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Brussels Regional Public Service

Our Missions

The External Relations Department

The ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) department - Beliris

The Financial and Accounting Unit

The Financial and Accounting Unit

Financial coordination

This team constitutes the first contact point for the budgetary and financial aspects of the Brussels International dossiers. It coordinates, centralizes, monitors and consolidates all budgetary data. In addition it sets up cooperation and good practices with a view to the constant improvement of the subsidy dossiers' treatment.


ERDF dossiers

This unit analyses the payment requests in relation to European ERDF subsidies granted by the Brussels government. It commits the amounts, analyses the financial and accounting aspects and settles the reimbursements of the beneficiaries by document verification and on-the-spot checks. It also carries out the budgetary estimates of revenue and expenditure. In cooperation with Brussels Finance and Budget, this unit contributes to the certification of expenditures and the drafting of the accounts that need to be submitted to the European Commission.

Raphaël Parate

Deputy director
Coordination Finances
and Budget ERDF
Phone+32 2 204 28 29

Elodie Nisol

Financial monitoring
of ERDF subsidies
Phone+32 800 37 32

Feza Nyanghe

Accounting and financial monitoring of ERDF subsidies


Phone+32 204 26 49

Chrisoula Papazoglou

Financial monitoring
of ERDF subsidies


External relations dossiers

This unit ensures the administrative follow-up of all subsidies and public contracts with regard to the promotion of the image of the Brussels-Capital Region and its international relations

For information about your subsidy dossier:

Cédric Bellemans

Coordination Finances Budget External Relations
Phone+32 490 14 19 55

Olivier Mispelter

Follow-up of subsidy dossiers for the Brussels event, tourist and cultural sector
Phone+32 2 800 37 29

Anne-Lise Janssens

Follow-up of subsidy dossiers for the programme 'Une Région jeune et dynamique/Een jong en levendig Gewest'
Phone+32 2 800 36 11

Muriel Baeijens

Administrative follow-up
Phone+32 2 800 38 71

Sylvie Debry

Administrative follow-up
Phone+32 2 800 37 56


The Communication Unit

The Licensing Unit

The Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union.

The Coordination Unit