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Bilateral Relations, Development Cooperation, Public Relations, Protocol and Communication Unit

Multilateral Relations and Europe Unit

Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

The Delegation is part of the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union, representing the Brussels-Capital Region in the European Union’s bodies, informing regional stakeholders on European issues and preparing files related to regional competences for the Council of the European Union, working closely with the competent ministers’ cabinets and administrations.


Manoëlle Wasseige

BCR delegate to the EU

Coordination of the delegation -
Cohesion policy - Financial perspective - Crosscutting issues - State aid

Phone +32 2 233 03 02
manoelle.wasseige at diplobel.fed.be

Frederik Lamberty

Deputy delegate

European Single Market - Industry - Brexit - Transport

Phone +32 2 233 03 55
frederik.lamberty at diplobel.fed.be

Unit members

Claire Pécheux


Employment - Digital policy

Phone +32 2 233 14 26
claire.pecheux at diplobel.fed.be

Sylviane Friedlingstein


Research - Environment - Trade

Phone +32 233 14 27
sylviane.friedlingstein at diplobel.fed.be

Valérie Dussart


European semester - EU Programmes
Cohesion policy

Phone +32 233 14 33
valerie.dussart at diplobel.fed.be

Rudi Arron


Phone +32 2 233 03 02
rudi.arron at diplobel.fed.br

Finance and Travel Unit

Permits Unit