The Brussels attacks: a glimmer of hope amidst the mourning

Murals in Maelbeek metro station
© Benoît Van Innis

Bandeau noirBrussels is mourning following the attacks at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek metro station. We have received messages of condolences, sympathy and encouragement from around the world. We are touched by your support and thank you on behalf of all the people of Brussels.  
 Here’s a short clip of gesture from students at Lycée Moullay Youssef in Rabat.
  As soon as the terrible news of the Brussels attacks spread around the world, our bilateral partners and our colleagues with whom we cooperate in the international networks of which our Region is a member, expressed their support. Their messages, your messages touched and comforted us tremendously. While globalisation strengthens the ties between people, it unfortunately also has brought a global threat to our doorstep. Belgians reacted to these appalling acts with solidarity. We have transmitted the expressions of sympathy and solace that we received to the families of the victims. They are first and foremost addressed to them. The rapid and efficient mobilisation of all the emergency services, as well as the prompt action of many anonymous people on the scene deserve our admiration and respect. The work of the medical staff was simply remarkable. One of the priorities continues to be the speedy recovery of the many injured who are still being cared for in hospitals all over the country. The Brussels-Capital Region wishes to thank its partners for their support and their solidarity. These events have demonstrated that our cooperation is vital and necessary more than ever. Instead of dividing us, they have only succeeded in increasing our solidarity, our openness to the world, to you. It has become even more clear how vital it is that we all live together peacefully and respectfully. The people of Brussels – and Belgium – behaved in an exemplary manner in these exceptional circumstances. They held their heads up high and displayed exceptional composure in the face of such violent crimes. We, and you, continue to uphold democracy, peace and equality, which are fundamental values. Let us continue to work together, as we have always done, through our partnerships, and contribute to a better world.  

Thank you so much