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The External Relations Department

The External Relations Department

The External Relations Department is led by director Geoffroy Clerckx and consists of three units:

  • The European and Multilateral Affairs Unit;
  • The Bilateral Relations and Development Cooperation Unit;
  • The Communication, Protocol and Travel Unit.


Geoffroy Clerckx

Acting Director
Public Relations - State Visits
Brussels Days
Universal and International Expositions
Phone+32 2 800 37 46


Filoreta Rugova

Phone+32 2 800 37 52

The European and Multilateral Affairs Unit

Brussels International also maintains relations with the international networks the Brussels-Capital Region is a member of:

  • The Assembly of European Regions;
  • Metropolis
  • The Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV);
  • The Capital Cities & Regions Network.

Brussels International coordinates the relations with international organizations in which the Brussels-Capital Region is represented as a federated entity, e.g. the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Benelux, the Council of Europe (CoE) and several United Nations agencies. It participates in the interfederal consultation mechanisms for all multilateral policy matters.

Brussels International is also in charge of the signing and ratification procedures for European and international treaties which relate to regional competences.

Moreover, the Region is regularly called upon to contribute to reports relating to its competences.

The unit contributes to European policy making and ensures the policies’ follow-up. It does so in close cooperation with the Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union.

The European section of this unit fulfils three key tasks:

  • la coordination de l’application du droit européen en droit régional (transpositions, infractions…),
  • la coordination administrative des dossiers européens transversaux (Semestre européen, Cadre financier pluriannuel…),
  • le suivi des programmes et réseaux européens afin de favoriser la participation de la RBC à ces derniers.


Geert De Roep

Deputy director
Head of unit
Eurocities - The Capital Cities
& Regions Network
Phone+32 2 800 37 50

Olivia Rodriguez

Multilateral Affairs
International and European Treaties

Jean-Nicolas De Wulf


Anne-Laurence Lekeu

Attaché - European and Multilateral Affairs
Implementation of European law and transposition of European directives - International organisations:
collective complaints - Data steward GDPR

Valentin Graas

Attaché - European Affairs
European territorial cooperation
(Interreg NWE - Interreg Europe - Urbact)
European programmes
Financial programmes

Yasmin Troch

Attaché - European Affairs
Economic governance
European semester -
recovery and resilience plan
Phone+32 800 30 02

Céline Manac'h

Attaché - European Affairs
European programmes and projects - European Territorial Cooperation - European semester - Recovery and resilience plan

Nicole Lambert

Attaché - European Affairs
Phone+32 2 204 21 71

Lonne Poissonnier

Attaché - European Affairs

Guillaume Deleuze

Attaché - European Affairs
RRF (Recovery and Resilience Facility)
Phone+32 490 67 26 17

Rym Jemni

Attaché - European Affairs
BAR (Brexit Adjustment Reserve)
Phone+ 32 490 67 25 56

Bilateral Relations and Development Cooperation Unit

Brussels International manages the relations between the Brussels-Capital Region and the cities, regions and countries with which it has concluded a cooperation agreement. The unit ensures the follow-up of these agreements.

Some thirty cities, regions or countries have a bilateral agreement with the Brussels-Capital Region, i.e. the Aichi Prefecture, the Algiers wilaya, Ankara, Berlin, the Bratislava region, Budapest, Chennai, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Île-de-France, Istanbul, Kiev, the City-Province of Kinshasa, Havana, the Métropole européenne de Lille, Ljubljana, the Masovian Voivodeship, Moscow, the Paramaribo district, Beijing, Prague, Québec, Quito, the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region, Seoul, the Sichuan province, Sofia, Tokyo, Vienna, Vilnius, Washington DC and Xi'an.

Some of these cities or regions are situated in developing countries and a part of the initiatives that are developed in the frame of cooperation agreements fall into the category of development cooperation. The Brussels development cooperation is essentially aimed at an inclusive and sustainable development and respect for human rights, in order to improve living conditions for the populations in developing countries and to contribute to a more just and united international community.


Sophie Willaumez

Acting Deputy director
Head of unit
Phone+32 2 800 37 40

Florence Vandernoot

Bilateral relations
Phone+32 2 800 30 28

Roxane Liénart

Development Cooperation
Phone+32 2 800 34 26

Leen Hardy

Bilateral relations
Phone+32 2 800 30 04

Benoît Spapens

Development Cooperation

The Communication, Protocol and Travel Unit

This unit takes care of the internal and external communication of the External Relations Department. It manages the website of the General Department Brussels International, as well as the free BI digital newsletter, The Brussels Globe.
This unit is also in charge of public relations and protocol (welcoming delegations). Furthermore, it organizes all professional journeys of regional civil servants abroad.


Jean-Michel Verdin

Communication officer
Head of unit
Phone+32 2 800 37 49

Willy Van Waeyenberge


Sylvie Debry

Phone+32 2 800 37 56

Filoreta Rugova

Phone+32 2 800 37 52

The ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) department - Beliris

The Financial and Accounting Unit

The Communication Unit

The Licensing Unit

The Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union.

The Coordination Unit