Rudi Vervoort et deux responsables marocains présentent l’accord signé.
The signing of the new framework agreement between the Brussels-Capital Region and the Region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra strengthens the cooperation and economic ties between the two regions.

Brussels mission to Rabat and Casablanca

Rudi Vervoort, the Minister-president of the Brussels-Capital Region, and Pascal Smet, the Brussels State Secretary for International Relations, led a Brussels mission to Morocco from 20 until 24 September 2022.

The mission, centred on Rabat and Casablanca, was jointly organised by Brussels International and and was the first one after the pandemic upended our lives for two years . It also offered an opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cooperation agreement between the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) and the Region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra. The two regions also signed a new framework agreement, marking their desire to pursue their relations.

Development cooperation in the field

Collaboration in the field of development cooperation mainly centred on the reactivation of special arrangements for people with disabilities, the regional observatory for territorial dynamics, and intercultural exchanges between the young people of Rabat and Brussels.

Several visits, among others to Handicap International, Groupe One and Echos Communication, allowed participants to discover some of the projects for the benefit of the population of Rabat that are rolled out with funding from the BCR first-hand.

Managers and beneficiaries of the project, seated under a straw canopy
Visit, in Rabat, of the project for the ‘Professionalisation of domestic workers’ set up by Echos Communication, which coaches beneficiaries so that they have a better understanding of their legal and social rights.
Rudi Vervoort speaking with a female supermarket worker.
Visit, in Rabat, of the ‘Osons l’emploi inclusif’ project of Handicap International, which promotes the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities.

A new economic attaché in Rabat

On the economic level, the Brussels mission mainly focused on construction technology.

However, it also provided an opportunity to officially celebrate the arrival of François De Vrije, the new economic attaché of the BCR to Rabat.

The protagonists pose in the offices of the attaché, holding a red ribbon.
Inauguration of the office and role of the new Economic and Trade Attaché of the Brussels-Capital Region in Rabat.