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Cyclistes sur la future piste le long de la chaussée
Simulation of the cycling path along chaussée de Vilvorde, source Brussels Mobility.

The ERDF and soft mobility in the Brussels-Capital Region

With the support of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), the Brussels-Capital Region is promoting cycling and soft mobility through various development projects.

The Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) is making every effort to facilitate travel in Brussels and promote soft mobility, among others by improving cyclists’ comfort. The ERDF (the European Regional Development Fund) is participating in several ongoing projects.


Development of the Canal-Kanaal RCR in the framework of the Véloroute project

With the support of the ERDF, the Canal-Kanaal regional cycling route (RCR)  will be developed as part of the Véloroute project. The purpose of these works – which have just started – is to encourage cycling and walking in the region, thanks to the continuity of cycling and walking routes.

The Canal-Kanaal RCR runs along the Willebroek-Brussels-Charleroi Canal and extends through the BCR diagonally, for 15 km. This is a strategic route for the Region because it crosses other cycling routes at several points. It connects with the city centre, intersects with the regional green promenade to the north and the south, and cuts through the canal zone, which is currently a priority in the region in terms of urban redevelopment.

The Véloroute project provides for the construction of three walkways for cyclists and pedestrians, under the Van Praet, Jules de Trooz and Sainctelette bridges, as well as the creation of a two-way cycling path along chaussée de Vilvorde. As a result, cyclists will no longer have to drive in traffic. The project, which was launched by Brussels Mobility, received financing to the tune of €6.8 million from the ERDF. Half of this amount is funded by the BCR, the other half by the European Union.

Canal view, including the design for the walkway, the bridge and square Jules De Trooz
Simulation of the walkway at square Jules De Trooz, source Brussels Mobility.


CycloParking: making it easier to park your bike in Brussels

The number of cyclists in the BCR has more than tripled between 2005 and 2016. As a result of this growth, cyclists today lack solutions for parking their bikes in the city.

To solve this problem, CycloParking manages and is developing a network of covered and secure bicycle parkings. The project consists of an innovative system for providing secure parking spaces, both on the street and in covered infrastructure. Users can manage their parking space rentals, pay, locate, and unlock parking locations on an online platform and in a mobile app.

In 2020, 17 municipalities have a total of 371 bicycle boxes and three resident parkings. There are also bicycle parking facilities in three large public car parks (Ceria, Bourse and De Brouckère) in addition to seven lockers for ten bicycles. CycloParking thus offers more than 3,050 spaces for conventional bikes and another 24 spaces for cargo bikes.

The project, which is overseen by the non-profit association CyCLO, received financing from the ERDF to the tune of €2.1 million, 50% of which is financed by the BCR, while the remaining 50% comes from the European authorities.

bikes in a box in front of the offices of the non-profit organisation CyCLO
The CycloParking boxes, a place to securely park your bike.


Exploring Brussels by bike

The ERDF Directorate of the Brussels Regional Public Service offers guided bike tours in the canal zone, where you can discover urban development and social, economic, and ecological revitalisation projects, which are jointly funded by the BCR and the EU. The main purpose is to give citizens the opportunity to discover how close Europe is to its citizens, by supporting local and specific projects in Brussels.

The free tours are organised on specific dates and are regularly announced on social media. Bicycles are available to participants. More information? Send an e-mail to

ad for a guided cycling tour.
Discovering the perimeter of the Brussels canal by bike.