COVID-19: The Brussels-Capital Region takes unprecedented social and economic measures

In response to COVID-19, the Brussels-Capital Region has taken important measures to support activities in the health, employment and economic areas.

The major health crisis that we are currently experiencing and the indispensable lockdown measures have had a serious impact on people’s lives, as well as on businesses and organisations.


Financial support for the Brussels economy

The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region (BRC) decided to take unprecedented economic and social measures to support the sectors that are most affected. To this end, the government has released a budget of over €150 million in various forms: premiums (for the hospitality industry, tourism, trades, sports and leisure), loans at reduced interested rates, suspension of tax payments, accelerated processing, engagement and liquidation of grants for economic expansion (hospitality industry, tourism, events, culture).


Support for companies in difficulty, which is tasked with regular follow-up of the impact of COVID-19 on the Brussels economy, and in particular on high-risk sectors, has stepped up its support to companies in difficult, in collaboration with the Centre for Companies in Difficulty (CEd) whose endowment has been increased with € 200,000.

The agency is also working closely together with private players. Following the cancellation of international missions and trade shows, it is contacting all the companies individually to assist them (information on cancellation, reimbursement of expenses made, etc.). Depending on how the situation evolves, will present alternatives to these cancelled missions.


Brussels International’s response to COVID-19

In this difficult context, Brussels International is doing everything possible to provide support for the activities and projects that fall under its competences. These measures, which are explained in more detail in this newsletter, supplement the measures taken by the European Union and the federal authorities to combat the economic and social crisis that our country is currently weathering.

The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region has taken measures to support the non-profit, events, tourism, cultural and sports sectors that receive financing from Brussels International. The main priority for our services in this area is to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the funding as soon as possible so that their projects can be carried out, taking into account the conditions imposed as a result of the current pandemic.

In addition, platforms for exchanging ideas on aid and good practices have been set up, with bilateral partners and in the framework of the international networks to which the BCR belongs.

Finally, in the margin of the COVID-19 crisis, various projects that received financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) are making their skills available to various Brussels initiatives, that are both inclusive and creative.


Continuation of remote work

During this period, Brussels International ensures the continuity of its service with employees working remotely. All non-virtual meetings and interviews are postponed for the time being. Brussels International will only contact you by e-mail and asks you to do the same. Here are the most important addresses:

  • External Relations Directorate
  • Administrative follow-up of grants and tenders aimed at promoting the image of the Brussels-Capital Region and its international relations:
  • Files (certificates and licenses) related to the movement of weapons and dual-use items:
  • Development Cooperation:
  • Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union:
  • All other matters, which are handled by the External Relations Directorate (European and multilateral affairs, bilateral relations, protocol and major events):
  • ERDF Directorate :

For any questions regarding the economic measures and aids to Brussels enterprises, freephone 1819 or the website provide information for the various industries. 

Thanks to you for understanding. Stay safe. Stay healthy.