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3 Brussels projects to receive support from the European Commission in 2020

Three Brussels projects were selected in early 2020 for the Structural Reform Support Programme of the European Union, with active support from Brussels International.


The European Union’s Structural Reform Support Programme provides tailor-made support to all EU countries for their structural (institutional, administrative, growth-enhancing…) reforms. The European Commission’s Structural Reform Support (DG Reform) searches for the best expertise to ensure the projects are a success and directly finances the requested support.

The fact that the European Commission selected three Brussels projects is especially positive for the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR).


Immediate benefits for the Brussels-Capital Region

The three selected projects together account for a budget of approximately one million euros.

The first project, which was submitted by Brussels Mobility, aims to develop MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and is part of the larger Good Move regional mobility plan. The second project, which is an initiative of Actiris, consists of the development of a regional platform for the better integration of newcomers on the labour market. Finally, the third project was submitted by the Cabinet of the Brussels Minister for Finance and Budget and consists of a spending review. The objective of this review is to increase the effectiveness of public spending and promote investments. During the first phase, two pilot projects will be launched in the mobility and social housing sectors.

The selected projects reflect the interests of the Brussels-Capital Region and European priorities. The Brussels-Capital Region also stands to directly benefit from them.