Inter-territorial cooperation, to benefit Benelux citizens

Thomas Antoine, Secretary-General of the Benelux, gave the welcome address at the day of information and discussions on interterritorial cooperation: “By cooperating, the cities of the Benelux create new links that strengthen Europe”. Left to right: Professor Yves Lejeune, Thomas Antoine and Julien Joost, attending on behalf of Minister-President Rudi Vervoort.


On Tuesday 11 December, Brussels International organised a day of information and discussions on inter-territorial cooperation, at the Benelux House. The inter-territorial cooperation was established under the 2014 Benelux Convention and will take effect on 1 January 2019. It paves the way for a trans-frontier cooperation between the Benelux’s territorial entities across all sectors to benefit Benelux citizens.

The study day was attended by 90 managers of territorial entities, universities, hospitals and the UNESCO Geopark Delta Scheldt. They reviewed their respective needs and shared ideas for sustainable solutions that are environmentally-responsible and guarantee better public management.

The proceedings of this study will be published online during Q1 2019.