During the plenary session, Minister-President Rudi Vervoort presented our region’s vision on sustainable development and discussed its desire to lead by example in this field.

Inclusion was the theme of the 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting

The 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting (26-29 August) on “Inclusive Metropolitan Cities and City-Regions” was hosted by the province of Gauteng.

Presentation of the ambitious project for the Ixelles barracks at the Metropolis conference in Johannesburg. A new Brussels neighbourhood, which strives to be open, mixed, international and with a university!

The Metropolis Board of Directors Meeting new style: an open debate between the political representatives on ways of coping with metropolisation.

Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and Jean-Luc Vanraes, the Treasurer of Metropolis, representing the Brussels-Capital Region during the Board of Directors Meeting.


The programme was designed to ensure that key issues of inclusion were added to the global agenda of metropolitan areas. Various theme sessions discussed key aspects of sustainable urbanisation, including migration, anti-racism, social cohesion, gender equality, youth employment, the increase in urban poverty, the protection of girls and the informal economy.

Minister-President Vervoort led the delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to South Africa. During the meeting of the association’s Board of Directors, he participated in the election of its new president, Michael Müller who is the mayor of Berlin. The members of the Brussels delegation also spoke during various round-tables, on such themes as the economy and urban planning.

Montréal, meanwhile, hosted the second meeting in the margin of the Metropolis pilot project on “Innovations in revitalisation strategies through urban projects”, from 26 until 29 September. The Brussels-Capital Region, which has taken the lead of the project, has partnered with Metropolitan Lyon and the City of Montréal for this purpose.