Development cooperation

2018 Call for projects on global and solidary citizenship

The Brussels-Capital Region joins the efforts of Belgium and the international community to contribute to the eradication of poverty in the world and to achieve sustainable development and a fairer world, efforts as outlined in the UN framework “the 17 Sustainable Development Goals”.

In order to meet these goals and in recognition of the growing importance of regional and local authorities in the field of development cooperation, BCR has put in place a fully-fledged policy in this area since the beginning of the current legislature.

After having increased the scope of the cooperation projects it supports in developing countries, BCR extents its action to cover also the second pillar of international solidarity, namely awareness of a global and solidary citizenship. This objective was also explicitly included in the ordinance setting the framework for the development cooperation policy of the Region of Brussels-Capital (27/07/2017).

To this end, Brussels International launches on 1 February a call for projects in the field of global and solidary citizenship.

This call for proposals has two objectives:

  1. to explain the stakes of North-South interdependencies to young people in Brussels, with a focus on improving the living conditions of populations in developing countries in particular and in the world at large;
  2. to bring to the forefront actions, past or currently implemented, of Brussels stakeholders in favor of developing countries, in order to present all the diversity of Brussels’ solidarity in the world.

The projects must raise awareness among its target public of one or more sustainable development goals. Where relevant, it is also desirable that the submitted proposal will have a component focused on the often precarious situation of children, especially girls, in developing countries.

In addition, subsidized projects must address primarily young people (between 12 and 25 years old) in Brussels, even if they can reach other complementary/additional audiences.

The call for projects is open to civil society organizations with a Belgian legal personality.

A budget of € 200,000 is foreseen for this call for projects.

Minimum amount of the grant per project selected: 5,000 euros. Maximum amount of the grant per project selected: 25.000 euros.

The grant can cover up to 100% of the costs of a project. This call for proposals is open until 16 March 2018.

Details and application documents can be found on the following pages:

For further information, please contact:

Codrat-Alin Teclu (T. 02/430 61 57 –


Daniël Verheyden (T. 02/430 60 61 –