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A room full of people sitting, facing a screen that says “welcome.”

The Brussels Government at the Connecting Europe Days

The 2024 Connecting Europe Days, a flagship mobility event in Europe, took place from 2 to 5 April at SQUARE in Brussels. This year, they were co-organised by the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Brussels Ministers for Environment and Mobility each participated in a session.

The conference brought together more than 3,200 participants from more than eighty countries. Participants included ministers, politicians, financial institutions, industry representatives, transport sector stakeholders, as well as the European Commission and its agencies. The topics covered included concrete measures and the exchange of good practices for creating a sustainable, smart, and resilient transport and mobility network in Europe. The conference was also an opportunity to take stock of the ambitious objectives set within the framework of the EU’s Green Deal and the strategy for sustainable and intelligent mobility.

On 2 April, the Brussels Minister for Environment participated in a workshop on innovation of inland waterway vessels. The event was organised at the Port of Brussels, in cooperation with the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU, and aimed to promote the decarbonisation of river transport. A guided tour allowed participants to observe the most recent innovative river boats.

A group of people, standing in an arc, listen to the explanations of a guide in front of a boat.
Visiting innovative river boats at the Port of Brussels.
A group of people standing in the hold of a boat.
A group discovers the machinery in a boat.

On 3 April, the Brussels Minister for Mobility took part in a session that focused on exchanging experiences regarding urban nodes and preparing for the implementation of the regulation on the development of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T). This regulation aims to build a reliable, seamless, and high-quality transport network that guarantees sustainable connectivity across Europe without physical interruptions, bottlenecks and missing links. The Brussels Minister for Mobility emphasised that the European cycling network now includes Brussels. It is even possible to travel from Brussels to Rome by bike!

Five people sitting on stage in front of a giant screen facing a room full of people seated.
The Brussels Minister for Mobility was part of the panel during the session relating to urban nodes.