A young and dynamic Region

Brussels International is inviting sports associations to respond to its new annual Be.Dynamic call for projects for the 2024-2025 season.

To promote the national and international image of the Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels International is launching a new call for projects. The call is designed to provide support to sports clubs working with young people, as well as associations that manage projects to strengthen the urban dynamic and the quality of life in the Region through sport.

The sports clubs of Brussels play an important role in this respect, as they contribute to the development of a strong and positive regional identity. This is evident as the region hosts countless sports events and participates in regional, national, and international competitions.

Sport fosters the integration of young people, ensuring they can promote a typically Brussels identity, both individually and as a group. An identity founded on solidarity, emancipation, integration, and diversity.

Sport contributes to the revival of our districts and to social cohesion, while also increasing the appeal of the Brussels-Capital Region.

For whom?

The call targets:

  • Sports clubs first and foremost, that are affiliated with a recognised sports federation, that are established in the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region and that supervise or train Brussels locals under 21 years of age;
  • Other sport stakeholders, that were set up as a legal entity or a de facto not-for-profit association, that are established in the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region and that have a project that contributes to strengthening the Region’s image through sport.

For which projects?

To be eligible for a grant, the submitted projects must demonstrate their clear added value for the promotion of the image of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Clubs working with young people (training of young people) must refer to the Region in their infrastructure, their communication and on the players’ kit. The club must thus position itself as a Brussels club at the events and competitions that it organises and in which it participates.
For initiatives that do not relate to the training of young people, the submitted project must have a long-term, supralocal and even regional impact through sport, strengthening the region’s dynamic image and appeal. Ways of achieving this include:

  • developing innovative training tools for Brussels clubs;
  • facilitating partnerships in the world of Brussels sports associations;
  • organising events that promote a wide range of sports;
  • supporting the inclusion of the target groups of the Region’s equal opportunities policy;


You can find all the information in French and Dutch at: Fill in the online form to submit a project.

Deadline for submitting applications: 10 March 2024.


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