Twelfth European Week of Regions and Cities

11-2014-Réseaux-3.3   11-2014-Réseaux-3.1   From 6 to 9 October 2014, 5,600 people attended the European Week of Regions and Cities or the Open Days of the Committee of the Regions. More than three quarters of the participants travelled to Brussels for the occasion.     The twelfth European Week of Regions and Cities has become one of the largest events that is organised in the European capital. The Brussels-Capital Region was also in attendance, organising a seminar entitled “The Cluster Approach: Innovative Ways towards Enhanced Regional Competitiveness” on 8 October together with the partners of the Clusters for Regional Growth Partnership. The seminar started by focussing on some best practices of the innovation and economic growth clusters. Juan Bossicard, the director of the clusters that focuses on ITC and the creative industry, highlighted several initiatives that position Brussels as one of the European growth softwareclusters for software development. He reminded the participants how the initiative which was launched by subsequently developed into a real company cluster that operates in an international environment. The second part of the seminar focused on regional strategies in terms of “Smart specialisation”.