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“Ding Dong – Ready for the Green Challenge!”: promoting sustainable European regions

The Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) is participating in the Green Trip campaign, an initiative of the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission. As part of this campaign, 15 young local influences – including three Belgians – are visiting more than 70 initiatives around Europe, sharing their experiences on social media to promote a more sustainable lifestyle in Europe.

“Ding Dong”, that is the sound you hear when a visitor arrives at your door. And that is exactly what 15 young influencers from five countries (Greece, Portugal, Germany, Lithuania and Belgium) are doing as part of the Green Trip campaign, which has “Ding Dong – Ready for the Green Challenge!” as a slogan.


Discovering sustainable green projects in Europe

During their Green Trip, these influencers uncover local sustainable initiatives in various regions across Europe, drawing on their green initiatives for inspiration. By visiting these projects and meeting the people behind them, they are inviting their followers to join them on this journey and promote green initiatives. Each of these journeys culminates in a Big Green Challenge, to be organised with European support.


Three Belgian influencers

Three Belgian influencers are participating in this unique adventure: the Brussels-based influencers Sara Lou, Morane and Laura from the desert, who hails from Ghent. They travel up and down Belgium in search of sustainable projects and climate-friendly actions.

Sara Lou’s theme is “Cycling on the short circuit”. On this journey, she meets community organisations that are involved in projects that promote a more environmentally-friendly way of travel, urban agriculture, and bee protection. Her Green Challenge will focus on sustainable mobility.

The theme of Laura from the desert’s journey is “Avoiding waste is possible in every field!”. Her journey leads her to discover various scale-up ventures and initiatives. She wants to show how a company can reconcile the fight against waste with commercial success. Her Big Green Challenge will have a link with sustainable fashion.

Finally, Morane explores more greener food production and consumption processes, as part of her “Soil to Plate” theme, visiting sustainable agriculture projects and enterprises. Her Big Green Challenge will take place at the Smart Gastronomy Lab, which groups various stakeholders (consumers, producers, scientists, …) to devise solutions to current and future food problems.


Supporting growth in all the European regions

The Green Trip is an initiative of the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission. The European Union’s (EU) regional policy aims to support economic growth and improve the quality of life of citizens in all the EU’s regions and cities. By emphasising support for less developed regions, it also attests to the European commitment in terms of solidarity.

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