The members of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region
Left to right: Mr Bernard Clerfayt, Ms Nawal Ben Hamou, Ms Elke Van den Brandt, Mr Rudi Vervoort, Mr Alain Maron, Mr Pascal Smet, Ms Barbara Trachte and Mr Sven Gatz.

White smoke in the Brussels-Capital Region: the new government has been formed!

The Brussels-Capital Region has a new government, just two months after the elections of 26 May 2019. The new executive has decided to primarily focus on addressing the region’s environmental and social challenges.

The new government of the Brussels-Capital Region (BRC) wants to turn Brussels into a model, low-carbon region by 2050. To achieve this ambitious climate goal, it intends to invest in mobility, territorial development and the insulation of housing.

On the social level, the government’s priority is to ensure that all the people of Brussels have access to housing, employment, education and health services, to combat poverty and put an end to the urban exodus.

Finally, another concern is the Brussels identity, which was developed in the 30 years since the creation of the BRC. The ambition is to strengthen its status as a capital region with a strong identity, that is open to the world. Brussels, which plays an important role on the European and international scene, is determined to be seen and heard.

Brussels International will pull out all the stops and continue to develop various actions in line with these priorities, under State Secretary Pascal Smet, who is in charge of Commerce and External Relations as well as Development Cooperation. We will also be working under Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and Minister Sven Gatz, who are responsible for promoting the national and international image of Brussels.