The new website of the Permits Unit is online

Recently the Permits Unit for weapons and dual-use goods launched its own website, which you can find at The Permits Unit, as well as the Brussels-Capital Region in general, have developed this website with to the aim of improving transparency and clarity.

Controls on imports, exports and transit of weapons and other potentially dangerous products is a key responsibility of the government. A clear and detailed website enables us to communicate to our clients and the Region as a whole in a consistent and accessible manner on how the import, export and transit of controlled goods is regulated.

An interactive, clear and user-friendly module

The most prominent new feature of the website is its interactive module, which enables people and businesses to easily check which permit they need and which documents they must submit to obtain it. Moreover, this module is one of the first of its kind and very clear and user-friendly. This will make permit procedures more efficient by giving clients a consistent, reliable reference, saving precious time for all parties involved.

The website will also inform the people of Brussels about any changes to the legislation and regulation of weapons and dual-use goods as well as on the possible impact of geopolitical events on permit procedures. It will also include reports on the movements of controlled goods in and out of the Region. The Permits Unit will thus continue to execute its mission, which aims to assure the security of the people of Brussels and the rest of the world.