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Brussels Regional Public Service

Our Missions

Direction - secretariat

Bilateral Relations, Development Cooperation, Public Relations, Protocol and Communication Unit

Multilateral Relations and Europe Unit

Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

Finance and Travel Unit

Permits Unit

Permits unit

This unit is in charge of all matters relating to permits for the import, export and transit of arms, military material and dual-use goods and technologies, a power that has been transferred to the regions since 2003.


Aldo Alu

First Engineer - Head of Unit
Phone+32 2 800 37 27
E-mail calu at

Unit members

Guillaume Ligot

Phone+32 2 800 37 51
E-mail gligot at

Jef Willems

Case Manager
Phone+32 2 800 37 33
E-mail jewillems at

Mélanie Behets

Case Manager
Phone+32 2 800 37 59
E-mail mbehets at