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Direction - secretariat

Bilateral Relations, Development Cooperation, Public Relations, Protocol and Communication Unit

Multilateral Relations and Europe Unit

Unit European and Multilateral Affairs

Brussels International also develops the relations with international networks of which the Brussels-Capital Region is a member:

  • the Assembly of European Regions,
  • Eurocities,
  • Metropolis,
  • Global Fund for Cities Development,
  • Capital Cities & Regions Network.
  • FEDRA.

Brussels International also coordinates the relations with the international organisations in which the Brussels-Capital Region is represented as a federated entity (e.g., the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Benelux, Council of Europe (CoE) and several agencies of the United Nations) and participates in the inter-federal consultation mechanisms for all multilateral policy matters.

Brussels International is also in charge of the signing and ratification procedures for European and international treaties which relate to regional competences .
The Region is also regularly called upon to contribute to reports relating to
its competences.

The Region is also asked to regularly contribute to reports relating to its competences.

This unit fulfils three key tasks at European level:

  • coordinating implementation of EU law into regional law (transpositions, violations, and so on),
  • transversal European dossiers (European Semester, Multiannual Financial Framework,…),
  • ensuring the follow-up of European programmes and networks in order to boost the BCR’s participation.


Geert De Roep

Deputy Director - Head of Unit

Capital Cities Regions Network (CCRN)

Phone +32 2 800 37 50
gderoep at sprb.brussels

Unit members

Pierre Gérard

Attaché - Multilateral Affairs

Assembly of European Regions (ARE)

Phone +32 2 800 37 48
pgerard at sprb.brussels

Sophie Willaumez

Attaché - Multilateral Affairs

Metropolis and Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV)

Phone +32 2 800 37 40
swillaumez at sprb.brussels

Paul-Henri Philips

Attaché - Multilateral Affairs

International organisations – in particular Benelux, OECD, Council of Europe and
United Nations

Phone +32 2 800 32 77
phphilips at sprb.brussels

Olivia Rodriguez

Attaché - Multilateral Affairs

European and international treaties

Phone +32 2 800 37 61
orodriguez at sprb.brussels

Anne-Laurence Lekeu

Attaché – European and Multilateral Affairs

Application of EU law and Transposition of European Directives - international organisations

Phone +32 2 800 35 98
allekeu at sprb.brussels

Valérie Dussart

Attaché - European Affairs

Cohesion policy

Phone +32 2 800 37 13
vdussart at sprb.brussels

Florian Genot

Attaché – European Affairs

European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg NWE - Interreg Europe - Urbact - EU Programmes - Financial instruments)

Phone +32 2 800 38 64
fgenot at sprb.brussels

Yasmin Troch

Attaché – European Affairs

European semester – Economic governance

Phone +32 2 800 30 02
ytroch at sprb.brussels

Guillaume Ligot

Attaché – European Affairs

Phone +32 2 800 37 51
gligot at sprb.brussels

Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

Finance and Travel Unit

Permits Unit