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Our Missions

Direction - secretariat

Bilateral Relations, Development Cooperation, Public Relations, Protocol and Communication Unit

Multilateral Relations and Europe Unit

Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

Finance and Travel Unit

Finance and Travel unit

This unit is in charge of the administrative follow-up of all grants and public procurements to promote the image of the Brussels-Capital Region, its international relations and tourism. It also organises professional visits of regional officials to foreign countries.

For information concerning your grant application, please contact bi.fin@sprb.brussels.


Lucia-Madalina Roman

Head of Unit

Phone +32 2 800 37 53
lmroman at sprb.brussels

Unit members

CĂ©line Debacker


Phone +32 2 800 36 11
cdebacker at sprb.brussels

Olivier Mispelter


Phone +32 2 800 37 29
omispelter at sprb.brussels

Muriel Baeijens


Phone +32 2 800 38 71
mbaeijens at sprb.brussels

Sylvie Debry


Phone +32 2 800 37 56
sdebry at sprb.brussels

Filoreta Rugova

Travel and Secretariat

Phone +32 2 800 37 52
frugova at sprb.brussels

Permits Unit