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Direction - secretariat

Bilateral Relations, Development Cooperation, Public Relations, Protocol and Communication Unit

Brussels International develops relations between the Brussels-Capital Region and the cities, regions and countries with which it has concluded bilateral cooperation agreements. This unit is in charge of following up on these agreements.

The Brussels-Capital Region has concluded bilateral agreements with almost thirty cities, regions and countries, namely: Aichi Prefecture, Algiers Province, Beijing, Berlin, the Federal District of Brazil (Brasilia), Bratislava Region, Budapest, Chennai, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Havana, Île-de-France, Kiev, City-Province of Kinshasa, the Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL); European Metropolis of Lille, Ljubljana, the Masovian Voivodeship, Moscow, Paramaribo District, Prague, Quebec, the Region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Seoul, Sichuan Province, Sofia, Vienna, Vilnius, Washington D.C. and Xi’an.

A number of these cities and regions are in developing countries and some of the initiatives launched as part of the partnership agreements come under the heading "development cooperation". Brussels development cooperation aims at inclusive sustainable development and respect for human rights in order to improve the living conditions of people in developing countries, on the one hand, and to help secure a fair and inclusive international community, on the other hand.

The unit is also in charge of public relations and protocol (welcoming, delegations for example). It organises or coordinates the Region’s participation in major events such as the World exhibitions and international conferences, the Brussels Days, the international aspects of eat! BRUSSELS festival, the international symposia and the State visits.

This unit is also responsible for the internal and external communication of Brussels International. It administers Brussels International website, e-newsletter “The Brussels Globe” (with a free subscription) and Twitter account.


Geoffroy Clerckx

Deputy Director - Head of Unit

Bilateral Relations, Development Cooperation, Public Relations,
Protocol and Communication Unit

Phone +32 2 800 37 46
gclerckx at sprb.brussels

Unit members

Daniël Verheyden

Bilateral Relations

Algiers, Beijing, Havana, Kiev, Moscow, Sichuan, Washington D.C, Xi’an

Phone +32 2 430 60 61
dverheyden at sprb.brussels

Florence Vandernoot

Bilateral Relations

Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Île-de-France, Havana, Métropole européenne de Lille,
Ljubljana, Prague, Quebec, Vienna, Vilnius

Phone +32 2 800 30 28
fvandernoot at sprb.brussels

Pierre Gérard

Bilateral Relations

Sofia, Mazovia

Phone +32 2 800 37 48
pgerard at sprb.brussels

Sophie Willaumez

Development Cooperation


Phone +32 2 800 37 40
swillaumez at sprb.brussels

Codrat-Alin Teclu

Development Cooperation

General policy
Calls for projects

Phone +32 2 430 61 57
cateclu at sprb.brussels

Benoît Spapens

Development Cooperation

General policy
Calls for projects
Region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra

Phone +32 2 800 36 79
bspapens at sprb.brussels

Jef Willems

Development Cooperation

General policy
Calls for projects
Paramaribo District

Phone +32 2 800 37 33
jewillems at sprb.brussels

Jean-Michel Verdin

Communication Officer

Eat ! BRUSSELS festival

Phone +32 2 800 37 49
jmverdin at sprb.brussels

Willy Van Waeyenberge

Protocol Officer

Phone +32 2 800 34 14
willyvw at sprb.brussels

Multilateral Relations and Europe Unit

Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

Finance and Travel Unit

Permits Unit