Brussels International

Site of the international relations of the Brussels-Capital Region

The Brussels-Capital Region, a dynamic region with an open perspective on the world

Brussels International implements the foreign policy of the Brussels-Capital Region. Its missions are to manage the Region’s bilateral and multilateral relations and European affairs including the Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union. Brussels International also handles all files relating to arms exports to and from the Region.

As capital of the European Union the Brussels-Capital Region is home to several international institutions and organisations. Its openness to the world is reflected in the dynamic foreign policy which it has implemented since 1989.

Brussels international plays an active role in the Region’s foreign policy.
Under the responsibility of its director, Anne Claes, it is organised in five units:

  • Bilateral Relations, Public Relations, Protocol and Communication unit
  • Multilateral Relations and Europe unit
  • Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union
  • Finance and Travel unit
  • Permits unit




Anne Claes, Director
Phone 02/800 37 45



Geoffroy Clerckx, First attache
Phone 02/800 37 46



Loubna Lakhloufi
T 02/800 37 58


Transversal coordination


Pierre Gérard
Phone 02/800 37 48


1. Bilateral Relations unit

Brussels international develops relations between the Brussels-Capital Region and the cities, regions and countries with which it has concluded a bilateral cooperation agreement. The unit is in charge of following up on these agreements.

The Brussels-Capital Region has concluded bilateral agreements with twenty cities, regions and countries including: Aichi, Algiers, Beijing, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Havana, Île-de-France, Kiev, Kinshasa, Lille, Ljubljana, Mazovie, Moscow, Prague, Quebec, Rabat-Salé-Zaër, Sichuan, Vienna, Vilnius, Washington and Xi’an.

The unit is also in charge of public relations and protocol (welcoming trainee diplomats, delegations and so on) as well as of the internal and external communication of the Directorate. It organises major events such as the world expos or international conferences and is also responsible for the blog “The Brussels Globe” and its free e-newsletter.



Head of the unit
Brasilia, Bratislava, Budapest, Île-de-France, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia, Vilnius
Public Relations – World and international expos
Geoffroy Clerckx
Phone 02/800 37 46


Verheyden Daniel

Beijing, Berlin, Havana, Kiev, Lille, Moscow, Sichuan, Suriname, Vienna, Washington, Xian
Daniël Verheyden
T 02/430 60 61



Sofia, Mazovie
Pierre Gérard
Phone 02/800 37 48



Anne Claes
Phone 02/800 37 45



Algiers, Kinshasa, Quebec
Sophie Willaumez
Phone 02/800 37 40


Codrat-Alin Teclu

Development cooperation
Codrat-Alin Teclu
T 02/430 61 57



Communication Officer
Jean-Michel Verdin
Phone 02/800 37 49



Protocol officer and communication
Willy Van Waeyenberge
T 02/800 34 14


2. Unit European and Multilateral Affairs

Brussels international also develops relationships with international networks of which the Brussels-Capital Region is a member:

  • the Assembly of European Regions,
  • Eurocities,
  • Metropolis,
  • Global Fund for Cities Development,
  • Capital Cities & Regions Network,
  • FEDRA.

Brussels international also coordinates relations with the international organisations in which the Brussels-Capital Region is represented as a federated entity (e.g., the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Benelux, Council of Europe (CoE) and several agencies of the United Nations) and participates in the interfederal consultation mechanisms for all multilateral policy matters.

Brussels international is also in charge of the signing and ratification procedures for European and international treaties which relate to regional competences.
It plays an important coordinating role and uses its expertise for the preparation and follow-up of these procedures.

The Region is also asked to regularly contribute to reports relating to its competences.

This unit has three key tasks on the European level:

  • coordinating the implementation of EU law and transposing it into regional law (transpositions, violations and so on),
  • the administrative coordination of transversal European dossiers (the European Semester, the Multiannual Financial Framework,…),
  • the follow-up of European programmes and networks to boost the BCR’s participation in them.



Head of the Unit
Network of Capital Cities & Regions (CCRN)
Geert De Roep
Phone 02/800 37 50



Assembly of European Regions (ARE)
Pierre Gérard
Phone 02/800 37 48



Global fund for cities development (FMDV)
Sophie Willaumez
Phone 02/800 37 40



Anne Claes
Phone 02/800 37 45


Paul-Henri Philips

International organisations – Conference of European Regions with Legislative Power (REGLEG)
Paul-Henri Philips
Phone 02/800 32 77



European and international treaties
Olivia Rodriguez
Phone 02/800 37 61


Lekeu Anne-Laurence

Transposition of European Directives
+ international organisations
Anne-Laurence Lekeu
Phone 02/800 35 98



European projects – Committee of the Regions (CoR) –
Interreg B – Interreg C – Interreg Europe – Urbact
Valérie Dussart
Phone 02/800 37 13


European and international affairs officer
Florian Genot
T 02/800 38 64


3. Delegation of the Brussels-Capital Region to the European Union

The Delegation is part of the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union, representing the Brussels-Capital Region in the European Union’s bodies, informing regional stakeholders on European issues and preparing dossiers related to regional competences for the Council of the European Union, working closely with the competent ministers’ cabinets and administrations.



BCR delegate to the EU Cohesion policy, MFF, European Semester – Tourism
Manoëlle Wasseige
Phone 02/233 03 02


Frederik Lamberty 10x15

Délégué adjoint : Emploi – Gouvernance économique et
financière – Transport
Frederik Lamberty
Phone 02 233 03 55



Research – Industry
Claire Pécheux
Phone 02/233 14 26


Sylviane Friedlingstein

Energy – Environment – Climat
Sylviane Friedlingstein
Phone 02/233 14 27


Rudi Arron

Rudi Arron
Phone 02/233 03 02


4. Finance and Travel unit

This unit is in charge of the administrative follow-up of all grants and public contracts to promote the image of the Brussels-Capital Region and its international relations as well as organising professional visits of regional officials to foreign countries.


Head of the Unit
Lucia-Madalina Roman
T 02/800 37 53



Céline Debacker
Phone 02/800 36 11


olivier mispelter

Olivier Mispelter
Phone 02/800 37 29


Muriel Bayens

Muriel Baeijens
T 02/800 38 71



Sylvie Debry
Phone 02/800 37 56



Travel and Secretariat
Filoreta Rugova
Phone 02/800 37 52


5. Permits unit

This unit is in charge of all matters relating to permits for the import, export and transit of arms, military material and dual-use goods and technologies, a power which has been transferred to the regions since 2003.



Head of the Unit
Aldo Alu
Phone 02/800 37 27


Guillaume Ligot
T 02/800 37 51


Case Manager
Jef Willems
T 02/800 37 33



Case manager
Mélanie Behets
Phone 02/800 37 59